Lead role, Marie. Short film. Swedish, 2013.
Director: Ninja Thyberg
Cannes Film festival 2013, winner.
Sundance Film Festival 2014.

That Abandoned Place
Lead role, April. Feature film. English, 2020. 
Director: Gigi Hozimah

Days of Power  
Lead role, Milow. Feature film. English, 2016.
Director: Jason Pagnoni

Hot Chicks  
Lead role, Jessika. 
Short film. Swedish, 2014.

Director: Ninja Thyberg

Lead role, Alice. Short film. English, 2017.
Director: Jason Garett

HomeCooked News
Lead role, Amanda "Mandy" Tate.
Feature film. English, 2016.
Director: Seth Daniels

Into the Limelight
Lead role, Jennifer Hart. Feature film. English, 2016.
Director: Cyril Mahe

Supporting role, Jenny. Feature film. English, 2015.
Director: Bekir Ognat

14 Days
Supporting role, Overseer. 
Feature film. English, 2015.
Director: Joseph Villapaz

He Belongs to Us
Supporting role, Victoria. Feature film. English, 2015. Director: Gigi Hozideh

Protocol 734
Supporting role, Sharon. Feature film. English, 2016.
Director: Richard Benter

In Case of Emergency
Lead role, Lauren. Short film. English, 2016.
Director: Pamela Dela Pena

Supporting role, Jane. Short film. English, 2016.

Director: Kaylan Aksel

I'll Never Leave You
Lead role, Amanda. Short film. English, 2016.

Director: Christopher Nation

Michael Wardeath
Supporting role, Sylvia Wardeath.
Feature film. English, 2017.
Director: Steven Bonds

Departed Harvest   
Supporting role, Dililah. Feature film. English, 2015.
Director: JoDa Hodge

The Big Elle   
Lead role, Elle. Short film. English, 2014.
Director: Jesse Howell

The Psychiatrist  
Lead role, Maria. Short film. English, 2014.
Director: Mark Ambervill

Vackra Illusioner  
Lead role, Eva. Short film. Swedish, 2014.
Director: Carlos Morén

Levande Skuggrik Död   
Lead role, Vendela. Short film Swedish, 2012.
Director: Jonathan Norberg

Resumé / CV


100 Code   
Supporting role, Ella. TV-series. Swedish, 2015.
Director: Robert Moresco / Jonathan Svensson

Welcome to Sweden   
Supporting role, Swedish teacher. TV-series, 2014.
Director: Carl Åstrand

Bröderna Fluff   
Supporting role, Rapunzel- TV-series. Swedish, 2013
Director: Stefan Malm

Supporting role, Celine. Web TV series. English, 2014.
Director: Christian Wong, Yunus Shahul

Hawaiian Sovereignty
Supporting role, Tiffany Hayes. TV-series. English, 2016.
Director: Fred Copeland

Elsas Värld  
Supporting role, Charlotte. TV-series. Swedish, 2013.
Director: Frans Wiklund


Rudy P.I.
Supporting role, Vixen. Web TV-series. English, 2017.
Director: E.C. Anderson

Supporting role, Bianca. Web TV-series. English, 2016.
Director: Shawn Djavadian

Lofty Dreams
Supporting role, Nastia. Web TV series. English, 2014.
Director: Drew Moore

Ultra Heroix
Lead role, Nuclea. American web TV-series. English, 2014.
Director: Edward Grant

The Man Van
Lead role, Jody. Web TV-series. English, 2016.
Director: Greg Mcdonald

Back to Basics  
Supporting role, Ingrid. Web TV-series. English, 2014.
Director: Cyril Mahe-Niroshima

Forgotten Kingdom: Genesis
Supporting role, Julia. Web TV-series. English, 2015.
Director: Jamal Blair

Privatdetektiv Sten Falk   
Supporting role, 
Rosa. TV pilot. ​Swedish, 2011.
Director: Thomas Ståhlberg


Water Colors
Voice of Hilde. Feature film. English, 2015.
Director: Kevin Charles

Lowe, Pella & Paintronella
Speaking voice in Italian. Music video, 2012.
Artist: My God Damn Territory


Acting School
BAW. Paris, 2006-2007

HB Studios. New York City, 2014.

EU collaboration workshop
Performance in Italy, 2009.
Teatro degli Apogrifi.